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Pre-award Planning

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Managing the risks of a government contract starts well before the award. After all, to properly manage the post award performance risks, one must understand those risks not only prior to award but prior to even submission of a proposal.

In some cases winning an award can literally make or break a company. It may be a large multi-year requirement and those failing to win the award will have little to do for a long time to come.

Similarly, the award could establish the particular technology that will be used on all of the follow-on production contracts. So again, those failing to win the development effort could have nothing but spares and repairs on a declining system.

In still other cases, the new contract could be the start of a totally new adventure for the organization and understanding the requirements and their associated risks is essential.

When It Really Matters
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CDI combines our decades of experience with our immense knowledge of the technical, contractual, and regulatory requirements to help clients understand a contract's risks and develop a winning proposal strategy with a workable post award risk mitigation plan.

Service Specifics

Celestial Defense of Atlanta, GA has over 30 years experience serving the needs of government contractors and provides the full spectrum of expert consulting services designed to capture a desired contract award through a number of specialized services that range from preparing specific proposal documents, to devising and aligning adequate cost/price strategies, to identification and mitigation of contract and performance risks.

Proposal Preparation
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  • Cost proposal preparation
  • Technical proposal preparation
  • Alignment of cost structure with pricing and contract requirements
Cost/Price Strategies
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  • Alignment of cost recovery to to expected performance efforts and related pricing
  • Alignment of pricing with competitiveness
  • Alignment of cost/price with contractual and regulatory requirements
Risk Assessment
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  • Review of terms & conditions to assess and mitigate risk
  • Program cancellation provisions
  • Limitation of costs and/or funds provisions
  • Cost structure optimization for revenue maximization
  • Alignment of pricing with contract objectives and regulatory requirements
  • Alignment of subcontractor terms & conditions with the contract terms & conditions