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Executive Training

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Dwindling defense budgets with fewer contract opportunities also shrink the available labor force of experienced and knowledgeable personnel. Amazingly, budget expansions can have a similar effect when the existing work force is strained to keep pace with larger contracts, expanding requirements and even new business opportunities.

In both of these situations training existing personnel becomes very important as well as training senior management about the likely consequence of the changing environment. This is especially true when something unusual happens like a contract termination or a problem contract that has been adversely effected by constructive changes or compliance concerns because the contract exceeds the thresholds triggering unfamiliar requirements.

Changes in business mix or a new growth strategy can also bring new requirements or uncertainties about which management really needs to understand in order to properly navigate the turbulents.

Celestial Defense offers a comprehensive assortment of on-site lectures, seminars, conferences, and workshops that are designed to educate senior managers about various subjects without causing major disruption to their normal work routines. Furthermore, these presentations can be tailored to address specific situations currently encountered by a contractor's organization.

Service Specifics

Celestial Defense of Atlanta GA provides numerous educational and training courses, principally to senior management, on a variety of government contract subject matters like the following.

Computer Forensics & Security
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  • Incident response
  • Imaging & preservation
  • Intrusion analysis
  • DFARS CUI requirements
Acquisition Procedures
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  • FAR Part 15 Contracting by Negotiation
  • FAR Part 12 Commercial Item Acquisition
  • Understanding Cost or Pricing Data Requirements
  • Performing Cost Analysis
  • Performing Price Analysis
  • Estimating methods, systems & procedures
  • Profit negotiation for New Awards, Contract Changes, & Contract Terminations
Cost Accounting Standards
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  • Consistency of Accounting Practice
  • Allocation of Costs Direct v Indirect
  • Disclosure Statement Requirements
  • Cost Accounting Practices
  • Cost Impact Proposals
  • Cost Accounting Practice Changes
  • Specific Standard Requirements
Contract Terminations
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  • FAR Part 49 Convenience Terminations
  • FAR Part 12 Commercial Item Terminations
  • Subcontractor Settlements
  • Cost Recovery
  • Profit
Contract Changes & Claims
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  • Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA)
  • Constructive Changes
  • Delays
  • Cost Recovery Quantification
  • Calculating delays
  • Profit
Cost Principles & Procedures
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  • Applicability
  • Direct costs
  • Indirect costs
  • Reasonable
  • Allocable
  • Allowable
  • Handling unallowable costs
  • Specific cost elements