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On-Going Expert Support

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Greg Forham Profile Picture

Gregory L. Fordham

Certified Public Accountant (Virginia)
Certified Computer Examiner
Certified Internal Auditor
Microsoft Certified Professional
Security Plus Certified
Certified Live Investigator
Certified Steganography Investigator

Gregory Fordham's Experience

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Over 30 years experience in federal con-tracting and working with contractors nationwide covering the full spectrum of pre-award and post award contract administration issues for large and small contractors alike, including some of the top 10 defense contractors, delivering ingenious solutions on risk management and revenue maximization issues like:

  • Setting pricing strategy and competitiveness
  • Customer relation enhancement
  • Due diligence of merger/acquisition candidates as well as their integration within an organization
  • Maximizing cost recovery including defending cost practices for cost allowability and cost allocability
  • Optimize cost recovery for revenue maximization
  • Accurately interpreting contract requirements minimize risk and maximize revenue Improving procedural effectiveness & efficiency
  • Successfully settling contract changes and terminations at at higher than client expected values
  • Favorably resolving customer allegations of non-compliance

With the coming expansion in defense spending, contractors will encounter more opportunity for growth and prosperity. It will not be automatic, however. There will be conditions that contractors must be ready to manage and overcome in the four areas of:

  • increased regulatory requirements,
  • review and oversight of contractor estimating, accounting, manufacturing, and puschasing systems for compliance with DFARS requirements;
  • safeguarding controlled unclaasified information (CUI); and
  • constructive contract changes and preparation of Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REA)

This service is an amalgamation of all our expertise bundled in a broad based, multi-faceted, continuous support service designed to raise competency, improve performance, and enhance control consistency across diverse and growing business units in four areas.

Risk Management
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Contract Management Assistance & Oversight

  • Critique and strengthen contract review and construction skills.
  • Ensure purchase orders and subcontract terms satisfy and are properly balanced and matched to contract terms and conditions
  • Monitor contract performance to ensure notices and submissions are timely
  • Strengthen or devise effective organizational management and control metrics, systems and procedures

Regulatory & Contractual Compliance Assistance & Oversight

  • Ensure that pricing and bidding procedures for new and changed work satisfy disclosure and pricing requirements.
  • Confirm cost estimating, accumulation and reporting are FAR and CAS compliant
  • Identify and correct deficient manufacturing, accounting, billing, or estimating system processes
  • Timely development, submission, and settlement of forward pricing and incurred cost proposa
  • Adequate safeguarding and incident reporting of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
Risk Minimization
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  • Ensure all business opportunities and soliciations are pursued timely and professionally
  • Optimize cost recovery with due consideration for business and contract mix in order to maximize revenues.
  • Contract performance monitored for timely recognition, submission, and settlement of constructive changes at fullest recovery
  • Contract terminations pursued and settled at fullest recovery
Business Friendly Philosophy

Regulatory requirements need not stifle successful business practices. After all, at most the regulations are an obstacle and not an impenetrable barrier. Thus, they can be like a fence that protects a coveted territory and preventing needlessly suffocating requirements.

Skilled Customer Relations
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Present a courteous customer centric approach tempered with a practical business outlook that when merged with his immense knowledge of government contracts and business friendly philosophy is able to craft a working deal.

Large diverse contractors are the most likely to benefit from this kind of service. This service provides staffing assistance as well as helping contractors to train and prepare their existing staffs to raise competency, improve performance, enhance control consistency, and boost customer relations. The service is long term and on-going but does come with competitive pricing incentives.

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To learn more about our on-going support services contact us and speak with one of our government contract consultants or call 770-777-2090.